How does the SlimCo Body Analyzer help? 

The Body Analyzer is one of the tools available here at SlimCo to help us best advise you with your course of treatment. It’s a simple process to use the Body Analyzer as you simply sit and hold the nebulizer. That sounds a bit of intense, but it’s just something you hold in your hand for one minute while the machine works. It doesn’t hurt at all.

One Minute for Your Assessment

In just one minute, we can determine the best pathway to your optimum health. Essentially, the Body Analyzer looks at your cells, specifically their magnetic fields, and determines how fast they are duplicating or splitting. The machine processes that info and provides us with output. We only input your name, your gender, your DOB, your height, and weight. We don’t even need to do a health questionnaire as the machine works all of that out on its own.

When the scanner is finished, it comes back and tells us about your digestive system, kidney issues, liver problems, vitamin needs, cardiovascular status, mineral deficiencies, and amino acid profile. Many patients, even skeptical ones, are surprised by the unit’s accuracy. Sometimes they will say before we start “How is this thing going to pick up that from just one minute?” I always just say “I’m here to provide you with this information. I’m not certain what the Body Analyzer will say, but we’ll take a look when it’s finished.” After the 60 seconds, the machine takes another two minutes to gather the report which is a full 99 pages.

What you might learn in 60 seconds can be amazing.

After we have the report, we go over each detail with you. At this point, you can decide if the unit was able to determine some of your health needs effectively. I have personally done the analysis on myself. This even included doing one recently after completing a 30-day detox. I wanted to be the guinea pig and see if the machine could detect the changes. It absolutely did. I could see there was a significant difference in the results. My cardiovascular results and blood sugar levels all improved over the 30-days.

These results help us to determine your next best course of action. We might look at some nutritional counseling, or possible the health and wellness option which begins with a detox. We also have nutritional supplementation, but the detox is important in getting your body ready and open for change. You can’t make improvements if your body is still trying to get rid of toxins. You want a clean slate so that you can absorb the good to help you work at a maximum level.

Weight Loss

If you are someone who wants to lose a large amount of weight, let’s say fifty pounds, we will provide a boost to get that process started. But keep in mind, it should take you about a year to safely lose that amount of weight. We won’t recommend treatments that aren’t a good fit for you. For instance, if you don’t have stretch marks or cellulite, there are certain laser treatments we wouldn’t recommend. We only want to help you with the things that will get you to reach your main goals. If you do have those issues with puckering on the skin, we might suggest a combo treatment of RF Cavitation and Laser Lipo. Essentially, we provide a custom plan based on the results of your body analysis with the Body Analyzer.