Can you explain RF Cavitation for Acne and Cystic Acne?

Sure! The great thing about the acne treatment is that we have what we call a hot and cold hammer. It’s one of the modalities used within the RF Cavitation tools. What we love about it is that it helps to clean the skin effectively. We first use the hot side which helps to release some of the bacteria and particles in your skin. 

We’ll actually cleanse the skin, make sure that we’re pulling all the impurities out of your skin. That way you don’t have a lot of build-up just sitting on top of your face. Once we get that done, we bring the cold hammer in.

The cold hammer actually helps to seal up those pores to prevent getting the bacteria back into the skin. We also use a combination of rose hemp oil, which is very good for acne. It’s a natural essential oil that’s really good for helping to control acne. It also helps to eliminate new breakouts.

We have a whole process that includes the RF Cavitation to help you not only to eliminate new breakouts but it can also help to bring the acne down. It doesn’t look so harsh and so frequent.

What about RF Cavitation for Cystic Acne?

Our acne treatments really help people who have severe, cystic acne. We recommend those who have light acne issues to do the process once a week. We have clients with cystic acne who come in at least twice a week to get it done. And within about three weeks, they start seeing a major difference in the skin.

Is the Hot and Cold Hammer painful? 

No, it’s not painful. It’s not real, real hot. But it’s pretty warm so then that way it can actually go in and break up that bacteria and everything that’s on the skin. The funny thing about it is, once you complete the hot and the cold process, if you look in the mirror, you’ll be able to see how your pores look differently. Especially people who have larger pores, around your nose and cheek area. You can see where the pore size diminished. You can see where they’re closing so they’re not so open. You then have less propensity for having bacteria coming into the skin again.