What Nutritional Counseling do you offer at SlimCo Murfreesboro?

Nutritional counseling is a bit different for every single person that comes in. This is because everybody’s body is not the same and everyone’s goals are not the same. Our intention is to help you to get a better understanding of what nutrition you need to implement. That way you can get the most nutritional output.

In essence. what we’re doing is helping you to find the foods that are going to energize and fuel your body. That way, you have more energy and you have the ability to accomplish more out of your day. You don’t feel so sluggish and drawn out, like a lot of people do when they’re eating a lot of processed or fast foods.

Essential Oil Based

Our nutritional counseling really starts from what I’d have to call the basis of everything that we do, which is essential oil based. What we’ll do is explain to you how foods and essential oils can work in conjunction with one another in order for you to get the most optimum health and wellness. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what a person is going to need until we actually have an opportunity to sit down and chit chat with you about your lifestyle.

Are you constantly busy?

Are you one of those individuals who is a stay at home mom or dad? But you have kids and they have 50 million activities that you have to get them back and forth to? It can sometimes mean you are just as busy in the summer as you are during the school year. It makes it difficult to plan and and follow through with your nutritional goals. 

We try to make sure that whatever we do, we provide you with tools that you’re going to be able to use. It’s based upon eating real food and it’s also based upon clean eating. It’s also based upon bringing in the concept of essential oils. Essential oils are therapeutic and organic oils that are in the little vials that you can use. Some of them can be used internally.

Then we also have essential oil based supplements that you can purchase. That way you can get those benefits along with maybe some vitamin E and K and A. We use items of this nature to help you to supplement some issues that may be going on with your body. A lot of that is based upon what we receive from body analysis.