You may have considered a spa membership in the past. You might have thought about the amazing benefits of having a way to fulfill your need for spa treatments every month without breaking the bank. It almost seems like a dream that couldn’t be made possible! This is totally not the case. A membership is very easy to obtain and not at all as expensive as you may think!

At the Holistic Wellness Center (HWC) and Beauty Secrets Wellness Center and Spa (BSWC); we created a membership keeping our clients in mind for aesthetic and body sculpting services. The breakdown of our membership is as follows:

*Choose your payment plan!
You can either pay monthly at $55 per month or you can pay in full at $300 for a six-month membership.
Should you choose monthly payments; you will be charged a one time $10 processing/administration fee. The bank charges us this fee to set your account up for automatic payments and we pass this fee along to you.
– Opting for payment in full at $300; we will pay the $10 process/administration fee for you.

*Choose your services!
– You can choose from 6 treatments or more of Laser Lipo; any RF Cavitation (including skin rejuvenation and can be used for post-op care); 5 treatments of Body Wraps (you can switch between slimming and toning and muscle/pain relief wraps) or single Mini Facials at 50% off regular retail pricing.
-Guest privileges include one guest per month that can get a single Membership treatment at 50% off. We ask that you don’t bring the same guest every month and that the guest understand that if they want to continue to get these wonderful treatments at 50% off; they will need their own membership plan.
-10% off all product purchases! Instant savings on any products you need for home care.
– Members are not required to pay an appointment deposit for appointments.

At HWC/BSWC, you are considered our family and royalty at the same time. We love all of our clients and enjoy pampering every single person that walks into our spa. We are so grateful to our members because we know you care about your health and wellness to come see us every month, plus you receive the discounted cost of our services. Your skin, body and mind care are very important, even to us, and we want to help you relax and recover so you are fully energized and ready to take on the world!

HWC/BSWC has grown and expanded to accommodate you and offer you all the benefits of a wonderful spa experience. It’s our members and any client, whether new or a veteran goer; YOU are the essence of what drives us to give you the best in services! From aesthestics to waxing. . .it’s all for YOU!

Visit HWC or BSWC and become part of our beautiful family today or you can simply schedule your consultation online for membership at:

Murfreesboro/Middle Tennessee – The Holistic Wellness Center – Aesthetics & Body Sculpting Office: (615) 656-0965

Maryville/East Tennessee – Beauty Secrets Wellness Center & Spa Office (865) 936-2769