After laser liposuction, what does someone need to do when they get home to make sure that they’re getting the maximum benefit?


Primarily, drink your water.  I can’t emphasize that enough. That is the main thing – drinking your water after laser liposuction. I find that most people don’t drink enough water. Most people are drinking diet sodas or they’re drinking some sort of juice. And they’re not drinking any water whatsoever. And it’s essential.


The second thing is your diet, making sure that you’re eating fairly well. You can’t expect your body to change without a good diet. Even if you were doing a surgical liposuction, you still have to change your diet. If you’re not changing your diet, your body is not going to change. You will have spent that money for nothing. We tell you diet and go over all of the details, making sure that we put that into play.


The third thing is also making sure you exercise. We’re not asking you to go kill yourself in the gym. We’re not telling you to go become a bodybuilder. That’s not what we’re asking you to do. But something as simple as walking for 30 minutes at a steady pace five days a week, is going to help you to become a bit more active. Your body is going to be able to react to that, so it’s going to burn a few more calories than normal for somebody who is leading a sedentary lifestyle.


The fourth thing that we tell you to do is make sure you keep the area where the paddles were moisturized. And the reason being for that is because sometimes the lasers will dry out the skin, make it a bit itchy, and it can flake. So we want to make sure that we keep those areas moisturized.

If you don’t have anything natural at home, we always recommend natural moisturizers. Either coconut oil, your Shea butters, things of that nature. We sell those items in our office. We also have a hibiscus and rose ham oil. That’s really a cream that works really really well. It helps with stretch marks. It also helps with moisturizing the skin and it also helps to bring that collagen and elasticity back in the skin. So guess what? Your skin is going to look 50% better within at least two to three weeks of using this cream. The cream is in a big eight ounce jar. You can keep it for six months as long as you’re not wasting it. We’ll tell you exactly how much you need to use which is really, per area, about the size of a quarter. Per area! So it’ll last a long, long time as long as you’re not wasting it. We do sell home care products. So if that’s something you need, like the dieter’s tea, if that’s something that really works for you, we also sell those here for your convenience.