Prepare for a rejuvenating experience. As soon as you step through the doors of the Holistic Wellness Center, the relaxing surroundings will ease your stress, calm your worries, and soothe your soul. We invite you in with all your senses.

Calm music that lifts your spirit, aromatherapy that transports you to fields of ease, and warm lighting that comforts your gaze.

Our sessions are designed especially for you, customized to meet your individual needs. We’ll ask a few questions, and we’ll listen, to get to the root causes of your concerns. Your specialist will then detail a tailored plan of action carefully selected from our offerings, perhaps weight loss, skin rejuvenation, slimming, or others. Once we are finished pampering you, you’ll be ready to take on life again, refreshed and energized by our experienced, nurturing staff.

Non-Invasive Therapies

You'll receive affordable body slimming, body contouring, skin tightening and rejuvenation treatments.

Treatments that do not require the use of anesthesia and no recovery time or medications.

No Surgery - No Needles - No Medications - No Downtime

We provide a variety of solutions to body slimming, pain management and skin rejuvenation, and more - without the use of invasive techniques such as needles and/or surgery - and you get results without the downtime or recovery.

Convenience: TIME is your most precious resource. We don’t waste it.

Customization: YOU are unique. So we meticulously create a treatment plan that checks all of your desired boxes.

Communication: You’ve heard it goes BOTH ways, right? But how often have you felt pushed in a certain direction or had your concerns ignored? We give you the reigns with clear information and detailed communication. You’ll feel confident and sure about the decisions you make for your therapies.




Gift Certificates can only be used towards treatments; no product purchases.  All Gift Certificates expire within 6 months of purchase.  You must complete services within 6 months of purchase and the expiration date will be listed on the face of the certificate.


Current Gift Certificate Special:  Purchase any gift certificate in $50 increments and we will add $50 to the total of the gift certificate.  Get more by paying less! 



TEXT "HolisticHealth" to 33222 for your FREE digital coupons.  By texting, you are opting into our digital marketing text services for updates on services, coupons and promotions.


Did you know we offer classes?  Yes, if you are an Aesthetician; Cosmetology or Esthetics student; Health, Wellness or Beauty Professional seeking to expand your  business and profits with beauty, skin care or body sculpting services AND you want to learn from an expert trainer. . . you want to take specialty courses available through our center!

We offer Dermaplaning, Lash Lifting, Laser Lipo/RF Cavitation Certification, Microblading and Permenant Make-Up certification classes.  Coming soon are our Hyaluron Pen and Microneedling certification classes.

Just click BOOK TODAY and click on BOOK CLASS.

We require your deposit up front to reserve your space for the class and the remaining balance is due upon your arrival for class.  Please note if paying your balance via CC (VISA, MC, Discover or AMEX) we charge a $5 processing fee.   NON-REFUNDABLE.  NON-TRANSFERABLE.



Cavitation could also be defined as "liposuction without liposuction".  In fact, unlike liposuction, cavitation does not require the use of suction, anesthesia, or other surgical procedures; as it can dissolve and remove unwanted fat found in the fat cells by using a device that grazes the skin and releases ultrasounds.

This non-invasive technique is used to incorporate painless RF energy at the correct position by using low energy and high frequency (which is safe) to selectively target fatty tissue to diminish wrinkles; decrease acne scars, gain smoother more youthful looking skin. Results in less number of treatments. Great for cellulite reduction, firming, lifting and molding various areas of the skin, treatment of acne and gaining a more youthful look without the needles and/or surgery.

Great for the face and neck by tightening the skin, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles; as well as diminishing acne scars, evening out skin tone and smoothing out the skin.  #nobotoxneeded.  As well as, POST-OP CARE for those who have completed surgical liposuctions, tummy tuck, butt lifts and even mommy makeovers.

#bodyslimming #bodycontouring #postopcare #cellulliteandstretchmarkreduction

Treatments are normally limited to 10 minutes per segment. A 48 - 72 hour day gap is generally enforced to ensure adequate elimination of released fats, membrane, and toxins that may have been contained inside the fat cells.

One of the most recognized benefits of our citrus based lymphatic scrub is it's positive effect on the lymphatic system; which plays a role in your body's detoxification process.

ADD ON's to personalize your RF Cavitation Body Treatment

Lymphatic Citrus Body Scrub $35
Lymhatic Coffee Body Scrub $35







6 TREATMENTS – ABS $679.99


6 TREATMENTS – FACE        $999.99

6  TREATMENTS – NECK      $859.99


(Available on Membership)

For BEST results, schedule every 48 hours!


Does a laser treatment that can reduce your waist, hips and thighs or overall body circumference by inches seem the perfect solution for you? It targets fat but without invasive surgical procedures such as liposuction.

Non invasive laser lipo is a non-surgical technique so straightforward that you don’t need an overnight stay in a hospital, recovery time or any of the arrangements associated with surgery. It is administered on a clinical basis.

Depending on the number of body areas you are treating; you will be spend a maximum of 30 under the lasers with 10 minutes of Whole Body Vibration.  You can then easily migrate back into your day. . . go back to work, home or whatever else you have planned for the day.

The laser treatment is applied to your targeted area(s) as we treat two treated areas at a time.

The treatment is non-invasive.  Comfortable and even relaxing. There are very few after effects, if any. There is no tenderness or swelling.

Laser lipo doesn't have the recovery you might need after surgery. You will be advised to drink plenty of water to aid the process and complete light lymphatic stimulation by walking and/or energetic exercise for 30 minutes per day. 

Each session can be completed with optional Whole Body Vibration which helps stimulate muscle contractions and relaxation dozens of times per second and it also gives you a good start to burning of 100 - 120 calories in 10 minutes!

One treatment will not give you instant results!  However, following our directives and maintaining the proper schedule of treatments you should see great results!

* recommend a minimum of 6 treatments or better for BEST results - schedule every 48 hours! 

If you have a SlimCo Groupon - please call the corporate office (877-404-3053) to schedule, cancel and/or reschedule ALL SlimCo Groupon appointments. 

Groupon customers are required to follow our late/no-show and cancellation policy and any fees incurred due to inability to follow our policies. 

(Available on Membership)

All services are by appointment only to best serve our clients.  Late/No-Show Fees are in effect.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy in effect. 

All appointments are pre-paid.  Please note you may pre-pay by booking online, via telephone or while at your appointment with your Technician.  If you are scheduling an appointment and it has a discounted price, please call our office as the online calendar can not distinguish between varying discounts, promotions and/or coupons. 

  All transactions for products, services and treatments are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Please note, when booking online:  If you are unable to see an open slot available on the day you would like to come in for your treatment - that the day is BOOKED.  Please opt for another date and/or time for your appointment.

(treatments and prices are subject to change)




10% OFF by shopping locally! Looking for a way to help you to save on your therapies with us?  We can help!  Show us a receipt where you have booked an appointment, or joined one of these health club facilities and we will give you 10% off Laser Lipo (6 treatments or better), RF Cavitation (any area - sold in a package of 6 treatments) and Cryoskin (3 treatments or better).  Must call our office at (615) 656-0965 to book and present your receipt from other business at the time of treatment. Discount cannot be combined with Membership, any other discount, promotion or coupon.

Here is a list of the businesses we are accepting receipts to get 10% off select services:

HotWorx is an infrared workout where you can not only burn calories in a short amount of time; but you also get the benefits of working out in an infrared sauna.  Memberships are available and they also offer you the opportunity to come in a try it for FREE.  Offering Yoga * Pilates * Bands * Core * Cycle * Row and more.  Call for more information: (615) 589-4888.

If you didn't already know Tobi, the master of waxing, you will get to know her!  Tobi offers a variety of waxing services to include Brazilians, Underarms, Legs and more.  Don't forget to ask her about your after care supplies and schedule your next appointment.  Despite the fact that we offer waxing services; we give respect and will always advise our clients of those who are the G.O.A.T in the industry! Call for an appointment at:  (615) 979-5042.

Your one stop shop for fashion, hair, nails and more!  Project your BEST by looking your BEST from head to toe with StarStylez!  Call for an consulation and/or appointment at 615-624-7278.


DOERZ MOTIVATION is offering personal training at a discounted price!  We emphasize the importance of drinking water, eating clean and exercising to see the BEST results from your treatments with us!  Why not take it to the next level in health and wellness with DOERZ MOTIVATION! Bring a receipt showing you are training with the BEST and we will give you 10% off!  Call (615) 669-8083 for more information and to get started!




Let them know that the Holistic Wellness Center/Careasa Greer (owner of the Holistic Wellness Center) referred you to their location! 



Using soft wax involves the traditional strip wax method, which involves applying the wax with a spatula and then adhering a strip to it to rip the hair out. This method is extremely painful, as the soft wax not only attaches itself to the hair, but the skin, inevitably ripping off some skin with it. In contrast, hard wax adheres to the hair, so the only thing that is removed is hair. Additionally, the temperature of hard wax is warm, but not hot, which causes significantly less irritation than hot wax, particularly for those with sensitive skin. As professional waxers, we have also seen that strip waxing is more likely to cause redness, irritation, inflammation, and ingrown hairs than our method of using hard wax.


Hard wax is simply more effective than soft wax. As stated above, hard wax adheres only to the hair, ripping it off in one go and reducing the need to wax the same area twice. Additionally, because it attaches only to the hair, it is more efficient at removing shorter hairs. Hard wax is the way to go when it comes to anywhere on the body that grows short, coarse, difficult hairs because it is so much more effective than soft wax.


Soft wax is extremely sticky, which leaves a residue on the skin. With hard wax, there is no residue left behind, so you don’t have to worry about that icky post-strip-wax feeling on your skin. Cleaning up after a hard wax is much simpler.


Intimate Areas:

Bikini Line $33      Bikini Full $42        Brazilian $49        Manzilian $49

*Add Butt Strip $5


Hands $14     Shoulders $24        Stomach Strip $18     Toes $14      Neck $14  Upper Back $44.50     Lower Back $44.50


Eyebrows $18    Cheeks $14          Lips $10        Sideburns $14    Full Face $52    Full Back $90


ADD ON's to personalize your wax:

Brazilian Vaginal Mask $30
The Brazilian Vaginal Mask is a great way to help you to soothe the skin, it also helps to lighten and brighten this intimate area.  Great for those who are used to shaving and have seen the darkening of the skin due to shaving or have had many ingrown hairs due to shaving.

Pre-Appointment prep: Show up to your appointment showered and makeup free if you are getting eyebrows, face, chin or lips waxed. Only use a a soap that will not leave a residue for the best and easiest wax results.

Post-Appointment care: For 24-hours after your wax you will want to exfoliate the areas that have been waxed.  Exfoliate and moisturize.  We sell products you can use for cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing.

We suggest you book your next wax 3 - 4 weeks from the date of your current appointment.  Always book before you leave to make sure we are scheduled for your next service.  Our calendar fills up quickly and this is the best way to assure that you can get in.

EVERY TUESDAY: $35 Brazilian Wax and 5% discount on all other areas to wax (except legs). 

Go to Book Today.  Click Services.  Scroll to SALE and book online for this great deal! (Tuesday's ONLY).




Most people hold stress in their back, neck and shoulders! Let us show you how you can relieve some of the pressure that stress has caused in these areas that keep you from feeling your best!

Essentially the benefits of using our scrub is the removal of dead skin cells from the body and impurities, leaving you feeling fresh and your skin looking rejuvenated and revitalized. Exfoliating dead skin cells tends to remove the dull and lacklustre appearance of the skin.

Followed by a massage specifically on the back, neck and shoulders which helps to increase blood flow and circulation, which brings needed nutrition to muscles and tissues. Decreased tension in the muscles. Increased endorphin levels--the "feel good" chemicals in the brain.

Finally, relax and rejuvenate the body, mind in spirit with a back facial that is beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin and bringing moisture back into the skin!

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with this wonderful treatment that helps you to relieve stress and feel good!


BOOK NOW BEFORE THIS DEAL IS GONE! Click Book Today.  Click Services.  Scroll down to Sale and reserve your appointment.

DISCLOSURE:  Results vary per person. Laser Lipo, RF Cavitation should be scheduled 48 - 72 hours apart when completing multiple treatments via a package.  Body Wraps can be completed once per week at a minimum.

Follow the following protocol for body treatments:  DO NOT eat sugar for 2 hours before or after a session.  No food intake 1 hour before or after treatment. You can drink all the water, green tea and black tea you want before or after treatment without using any sweeteners

For BEST RESULTS avoid all kinds of sugar 4 - 6 hours before and after treatment. DRINK WATER! Drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces up to a gallon per day. Avoid exercise right before a treatment.  You can exercise all you want after your treatment; as there is no downtime. 


Only schedule your initial appointment online (when purchasing a package).

Bring your calendar to your first appointment and we will schedule all remaining appointments. 

Located inside the SunTrust Bank Building, 201 E. Main Street, Suite LL05, Murfreesboro, TN 37130   Office: (615) 656-0965 Dedicated Text Line: (615) 863-3551

*Enter the building from Main Street.  This is the main lobby. Take elevators to zero (0) - this is the lower level.  Exit the elevators and bear to your right.  Follow signs to our office.

LED Light Therapy


Try our totally natural, non-ablative, non-invasive method for skin rejuvenation. The light from the LED interacts with cells and stimulates them to produce new collagen and elastin through light therapy.


LED Light Therapy can improve symptoms such as aging and loose skin, big pores, and wrinkles. Improve pigmentary pathological changes such as freckles, sun-damaged skin, senile plaques (Psoriasis or Eczema).  LED Light Therapy can also decrease swelling, inflammation, diminish scarring and can be used an as effective treatment for acne and oily skin. Repair damaged skin and is an anti-aging light therapy.


1 Session - $160

3 Sessions - $450

6 Sessions - $780

12 Sessions - $1500


Comes with Customized LED Therapy, Vitamin A Mask infused with Indian Clay; Vitamin C Lip Treatment and Hyaluronic Acid Line Filler Serum infused with Oxygen.


Recommendation is once per week for BEST results.


ADD ON's to personalize your LED Light Therapy Facial:

Hand or Foot Massage $20
Coffee Mask $20
DermaNatural Mask $50
24K Mask $20

MICRONEEDLING - Available Beginning Nov 19th - Call to Schedule


The concept of micro-needling is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself when it suffers physical damage such as cuts, burns, abrasions or other injuries. Immediately after an injury to the skin, our body begins the healing process, triggering new collagen synthesis.

The micro-needling device intentionally creates very superficial “micro-injuries” to the outermost layer of the skin to induce the healing process that includes new collagen production.

Microneedling has been shown to reduce the visibility of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles; diminish hyper-pigmentation; and improve skin tone and texture, resulting in smoother, firmer, younger looking skin.  It can be used to diminish the look of stretch marks too!


Microneedling is performed using a microneedling pen. The micro-needling procedure is performed in a safe and precise manner with a single-use, sterile needle head. The treatment session usually takes about 30- 60 minutes, depending on the area(s) being treated.

Throughout the procedure, activating agents will be applied to stimulate rejuvenation process. Then a hydrating facial mask will be applied for hydration. After the procedure, your skin will be red with mild swelling and/or bruising, and it might feel tight and sensitive to the touch. Although these symptom may take 2-3 days to resolve completely, they will diminish significantly within a few hours after treatment.

We offer Membership and Non-Membership pricing for Microneedling (this is not the HWC Membership).  Please feel free to ASK US how you can save on this service by becoming a member.

Recommendation is once per month for BEST results.

Membership Pricing: $170 per/treatment (face, neck or decollette)

Non-Membership Pricing: $325 per treatment (face, neck or decollette)

Non-Membership Pricing: Stretch Marks & Cellulite $425 per treatment

Membership Pricing: Stretch Marks & Cellulite $237.50 per treatment


ADD ON's to personalize your Microneedling Facial:

Hand Massage $20
DermaNatural Mask $50
Foot Massage $20
24K Mask $20


Sweating provides safe, natural and AMAZING benefits to your health & wellness!  By utilizing infrared body wraps; your body naturally detoxifies itself and helps to burn calories at a higher rate than exercise alone.  Most infrared body wraps can burn 600 + calories in approximately 60 minutes.

Here are some wonderful reasons why you should consider adding our Infrared Body Wraps for Slimming/Toning or Muscle/Pain Relief to your self care program.

Skin Rejuvenation

There are buzz words that become redundant…but ANTI-AGING is not one of them! Infrared assists in stimulating collagen production to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improves overall skin tone & pigmentation.

Weight Loss

Calories in/calories out. The truth of the matter is burning a mere 500 calories more than you take in per day…CAN equate to a weight loss of 1 pound a week.


Sweat produced during an infrared body wrap session can contain 15-20% toxins.

Infrared Body Wrap sessions can help rid the body of:  Cholesterol • Lead • Alcohol • Mercury • Aluminum • Sulfuric Acid • Nicotine • Nickel • Dioxins • Metals • Fats


A single wrap raises your metabolism, makes you sweat like you mean it and helps maintain your calorie-torching machine. Your body…and your psyche will thank you.

Pain Relief

Studies show that chronic pain patients experienced a 70% reduction in pain levels after their first infrared session. Healing happens through tissue oxygenation and blood flow. Infrared can also act directly on irritated nerve endings which can calm them down…resulting in pain relief.


Single Wrap $125
Pack of 5 Wraps $500

*Add a Lymphatic Body Scrub or Coffee Body Scrub for $35 - this is a great scrub for helping the lymphatic flow and it works in conjunction with your body wrap as a citrus infused or caffeine infused scrub that not only can help with the lymphatic flow; but it also can help with diminishing cellulite too.

(Available Under Membership)

Dermaplaning is a procedure for exfoliating the outer most layer of skin and ridding it of fine hair we tend to call peach fuzz. It's a quick service that's generally performed on the face. A trained and medically supervised Esthetician uses a scalpel and a soft touch, scraping the surface of the skin using light feathery strokes.


Dermaplaning not only gets rid of peach fuzz on the face, it also exfoliates removing dead skin cells on the outermost layer.


It's a great option for those who want a deep exfoliation, but are not allowed to use peeling agents on their skin because of adverse reactions. This might be because of a medical condition or being pregnant or nursing.


Dermaplaning can be completed on a weekly basis - if you desire. Sunscreen is important for everyone, it's very crucial after getting this service because the skin is very sensitive to the sun and hyperpigmentation (dark skin spots) are possible with extensive exposure to the sun.



1 Treatment $150/with LED Therapy $200

3 Treatments $337.50/with LED Therapy $450

6 Treatments $675/with LED Therapy $775


ADD ON's to personalize your facial:

Hand or Foot Massage $20
Coffee Mask $20
DermaNatural Mask $50
24K Mask $20


If you have a Holistic Wellness Center Groupon for Dermaplaning - please make sure you contact our office directly to schedule your appointment. Groupon customer are required to follow our late/no-show and cancellation policy and any fees that may be incurred due to inability to follow our policies.

Cost:  $85/Treatment
5 Reason You NEED a Lash Lift!
  1. No Fuss –  This treatment is perfect if you want your lashes to be lifted, volumized, and lenghtened. Your natural lashes will look longer, darker and more prominent without the fuss of infills or removal.
  2. Time saving – You can wake up in the morning, 10 minutes later because your new lashes are ready to go. No need to save extra time to put on mascara or fake lashes because yours will look fabulous without.
  3. You can still wear mascara – If you swear by a mascara, and you can not live without this in make up bag then that’s fine. With Lash Lifting you can still wear mascara if you wish to have a bolder look, however, there is no need. Just no waterproof mascara.
  4. Long Lasting – This treatment will last 4-6 weeks and sometimes even longer with great home care!
  5. Finally, its perfect for the holiday season. With Lash Lifting, there’s no need for any more worries about eye make up on holiday, because your lashes will always look fresh, more volumized and longer on their own.


Recent Results:

Pre-Appointment prep: Show up to your appointment showered and makeup free. You should also avoid waterproof mascara a week before your appointment, as it leaves a film on your natural lashes making it harder for the lash technician to style them.


Post-Appointment care: For 24-hours after your lash lift, you need to avoid makeup, getting your lashes wet or any steamy environments. For lash lifts, that’s pretty much it; you can treat them as you usually would, and that also means you can wear mascara (do not use waterproof mascara). You’re also advised to condition the lashes using coconut oil or a facial oil at night.





Cost: $50/Treatment

(Available on Membership)

A mini facial will leave you with a nice glow in short time – and for a lower cost. Mini facials give you tighter, smoother, healthier skin, and can even help with acne. Even just a short session can help to correct small imperfections in the outermost layers of the skin, such as sun damage or thin, fine lines. Great for both men and women!



Cost: $90/treatment

If you have a beard (whether it is short or long); this facial is for you! There are three main benefits for men to get facials - especially men with beard. .

(1) Men tend to produce more oil than women. When not cleaned properly, oil will clog your pores and can lead to blackheads, which can lead to pimples. Just because men produce more oil doesn’t mean all men have oily skin.

Part of the reason facials are so effective is that estheticians understand your skin type and its needs. For dry skin types, you’ll need a facial that leaves your skin hydrated and moisturized.

(2) You'll get a SMOOTHER shave. The combination of exfoliation, essential oils, masks, and moisturizers that an esthetician typically applies will address shaving’s side effects and make your skin smoother than ever. The smoother your skin, the better and less painful your shave.

(3) We can teach you a thing or two: we use better, more effective products that aren’t sold over the counter. We can show you new techniques on how to apply products, the order in which to use them.

Remember, you don't have to have a beard to enjoy this rejuvenating service.  We just want you to know that we have options to make sure we treat your entire face including facial hair.



Organic Rudimentary Facial

Single Treatment: $250

Package of 3 $699


One of the biggest misconceptions is the ideas of natural versus organic and that they are interchangeable labels.  A product can be natural and organic, but not all natural products are organic, or even 100% natural.  It's important for all of your skincare to be nature for your overall health, but the benefit of using natural and organic skincare provides your skin with the purest form of the ingredients on the market.


Not only do we use the purest of ingredients for your facial, we also provide with you an experience of indulgence.  Your Organic Rudimentary Facial (ORF) starts with skin analysis to determine and develop a plan for possible skin problems.  Our body's organs do not act in isolation; everything is related by nerved, lymph systems, hormones, etc.


Our facial skin can represent what has, is or may happen internally.  As a result, documenting with face mapping of your skin allows us to give you insight into what is going on internally and customize your treatment plan so that you see more naturally beautiful skin and that is the result you want!

ADD ON's to personalize your facial:

Hand or Foot Massage $20
LED Light Therapy $50
DermaNatural Mask $50
24K or Coffee Mask $20


Microblading and Permanent Make-Up


Permanent Cosmetic procedures can be very subtle or dramatic depending on what you are looking for.

We offer:

Microblading (Eyebrows)

Eyeliner (top and/or bottom)

Lip Liner

Lip Color and Blend

*We have a limited schedule for these procedures and require that you schedule in advance.

**Please call 865-336-9004 or 865-936-2769 and speak with Kari (Licensed and Certified Permanent Make-Up Technician) and she will get you on our calendar for beautiful, natural looking brows, eyeliner and lips!

Upgrade your treatments by complimenting your permenant make-up with beautiful skin.

Upgrade Your Experience – Scheduled 4 weeks after services

Dermaplaning $150
Mini Facial $50



Your appointment will allow us to review all protocols, measure you and prepare you for your first appointment.

You will be required to complete ALL paperwork and pay for your treatment(s) at your consultation and registration.

Non-members are charged $25 appointment deposit to reserve appointments for ANY service. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

ALL treatments must be completed within 30 days of scheduling your first appointment. We will not allow you to carry over or accumulate appointments. Failure to complete services within 30 days will result in forfeiture of ALL remaining appointments. NO REFUNDS. NO TRANSFERS.

Please make sure you follow our late, no-show and cancellation policy.

Recommended treatment scheduling for best results:

Laser Lipo/RF Cavitation - every 48 hours BEST or 72 hours GOOD!
Body Wraps - 2 times per week (minimum).
LED Light Therapy/Dermaplaning/Facials (face or back) - once per week up to once per month depending on home care.
Eyelash Perm/Lash Lifting - every 4 -6 weeks depending on home care.
Waxing - every 3 - 4 weeks depending on hair growth.

Consultation & Registration Fee is applied towards your treatment(s) balance. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Failure to maintain your appointment will result in you being charged a late/no-show fee, appointment forfeited and payment for treatment(s) will not be refunded.  Membership consultation and registration is also available - See Below.


Our Holistic Wellness Center Membership's Amazing Benefits:

50% Discount on 6 treatments of Laser Lipo;
50% Discount on RF Cavitation, Body Wraps andMini Facials.
Bring 1 New Guest a Month and They Will Receive 50% off a Single Body Wrap or Mini Facial
10% Discount on All Products.

Must adhere to late, no-show and cancellation policy.

All for only $50 per month, $5/mo financing fee and a $10 with a one time administrative fee for setting up your account.

Early termination fees apply.  Contract for 6 months.

Discounted price for paying for 6 months in full at $300.

Schedule your consultation and registration for Membership by completing the following:

CLICK Book Today

CLICK  on Services

SCROLL DOWN to Consultation & Registration


SCHEDULE your appointment and pay the $25 appointment deposit. ($25 applies towards your treatment balance due).

ARRIVE at your appointment 5 - 10 minutes BEFORE your scheduled appointment.


SlimCo Murfreesboro has a very soothing atmosphere. The owner truly helps and has a deep knowledge of how to work with your body. Highly recommended.

Dean Heasley

I had my first introduction to the Laser Lipo. The place is clean and serene. As soon as you walk in you feel at peace. The procedure is fast and painless, you can just relax and even take a nap. I definitely recommend this location and the product!

Iris Escobar


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